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Artisyn Paper

  • Starting at super low prices
  • Highly Durable Synthetic Paper
  • Great for making ID Cards

Artisyn is a type of high quality synthetic paper that is commonly used in the creation of ID cards. This offers one of the easiest and most affordable ways to produce ID cards without sacrificing any quality.

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What Are ID Cards Made With Synthetic Paper?

When you use ID cards at any organization, you will find that they come in a variety of different styles and types. Sometimes, you will get a rigid card that is the same size and the same hardness as a credit card or driving license. These types of card are normally printed onto blank ID cards, which is one way of creating badges.

In other scenarios though, you might get a badge that is a similar size but a little more malleable and with a laminated surface. In this case, the underlying material is likely made from synthetic paper, such as Artisyn paper.

ID cards made in this way are just as professional looking and are of comparable quality to professionally printed PVC cards. At the same time though, they're also very versatile and very affordable to create.

The Process

When you create cards like this, you will start out by printing onto the paper. Artisyn paper can be used with inkjet or laser printers equally well, or can be used with Fargo printers which are designed specifically for use with ID card creation.

Once you have printed your cards, the next step is to laminate them with a butterfly pouch. This is a transparent plastic that will wrap around the paper to protect it further from the elements and to give it a professional sheen.

Finally, you can punch a hole in it and attach it to a lanyard or a badge reel for carrying around. Note that you also need to design the look and feel of your ID cards but we provide a very handy tool for doing this at IDCreator.com.

Why Artisyn Paper?

Using a synthetic paper such as Artisyn or Teslin means that your cards will automatically be waterproof. In turn, this means they can be used extensively and even outdoors without deteriorating and without the ink running as soon as there is a little rain. This is important because it means your cards will look professional all year round instead of becoming tatty and making your business look tatty by extension.

Artisyn paper also looks highly professional and makes your images look more high definition and brighter.

When you buy from us, you will be able to find Artisyn paper for the lowest price on the web. We offer a price match guarantee, so if you can find it for less anywhere else, we'll happily match the price. At the same time, we also offer great discounts for buying in bulk (which is always a smart move for ID cards) and we even provide free delivery on orders worth over $100.

In short, Artisyn paper offers one of the best ways to make your ID cards and we offer that paper for the best rates with the fastest delivery!