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Pack of 500 Yellow 30 Mil PVC Cards


500 Blank Biodegradable PVC Cards | Standard Size and Thickness

Biodegradable Blank PVC Cards - Standard CR80 Size and 30 mil Thickness - 100 Cards

Quick Overview

Do you care about the environment as much as we do? These biodegradable PVC cards look, feel, and perform just like your normal PVC cards. Under everyday normal use, these will last you as long as one could want an ID card for. These biodegradable cards can be wet, stored in a wallet, be printed on and even UV-treated. The biodegration process only happens when the cards are in a fertile environment, which the microorganisms will decompose ( e.g., compost, trash, water, soil, etc). These cards degrade within 9 months to 5 years of continual exposure to microorganisms.

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